Meet Your Teachers



Kristy is the creator of the yoga Barn and Spa. The vision she has been working towards for many years has finally become her humble reality. 

After completing her 200h YTT in 2015 she listened to her heart, picked up her life and moved to the woods. 

You will find Kristy's classes to be a calming experience for your entire nervous system as you move through a gentle flow and mindfulness practice. Focusing on an inner peace while discovering tools to take this peace off the mat and into your everyday life. 

Kristy also offers private yoga classes and one on one guidance sessions. 



Linzi brings 16 years of movement and wellness based teaching/coaching to her yoga mat.  She keeps it real and leads a light class with a playful spirit. 

She  found yoga over 20 years ago, on the hardwood floor of her neighbour’s  cottage and it eventually lead her to the ocean’s edge in the jungles of  Panama where she earned her RYT200.  She teaches both  Vinyasa (flow) and Restorative (laying in deliciously relaxing  positions) styles of Yoga; and she is passionately rewriting the  narrative surrounding touch in our community - offering supportive,  nourishing touch in all of her classes. (Unless you’re not into that  sort of thing, which is totally cool! You do you.)

She also runs growth focussed workshops on all the things that basically empower you get your life together!  From living a minimal-ish plant-based life, to setting goals and actually making them happen!  (Oh, and how to pair wine and vegan cheese…)  When she’s not on her mat, you can usually find her running across the street to pet a dog.



I will be celebrating 20 years this coming year teaching and living the Yogic ways. I have had the honour and privilege of crossing paths with many wise guru’s who have been a huge part of my style and ways

of teaching. I can mould my classes according to my audience, and every class is like a gift and a journey I can give to others. I have had the pleasure of teaching all over the Caribbean and Mexico, performing

Acro Partner Yoga with my partner in life and love to expand on the basis of traditional yogic ways while branching off in many directions. My background includes professional dancing and performing, aerial

artistry, martial arts and working directly with charities and rescues for animals. Yoga is so symbolic to life and I like to make the classes more about our mindfulness, celebrating the moment, and where we

are now on our own personal journeys and embracing that gift of today.



My name is Logan and I believe that yoga is magic. A little sprinkle here and there and it can completely transform your life.

Yoga has been a huge part  of my life for the past five years and my practice has helped me to  become a stronger, kinder and more authentic person on and off the mat.  Yoga constantly reminds me to breathe and  laugh more on a daily basis.

After earning my  bachelor’s degree and moving to the mountains and back, I found the  courage to pursue my passion for yoga and I completed my 200hr yoga  teacher training in June 2018. It was the most challenging  and rewarding process I have ever experienced. I continued to further  my yoga education by completing my prenatal yoga teacher training in  December 2018 so I could help support mamas-to-be in starting or  maintaining their practice. I am super grateful for  all of the love, knowledge and support my teachers and fellow students  shared with me. 

I teach playful, dynamic  and accessible classes that encourage yogis to breathe deeply, explore  their bodies and challenge their thoughts. My intention is that by the  end of class you will feel confident, refreshed  and more self-aware. 

Come breathe, stretch and see the magic happen for yourself. 



I started practicing yoga regularly right after my daughter was born. It helped me through one of the darkest times in my life as I suffered from postpartum depression. This sacred practice guided me to a better understanding of myself and what my body and mind need. It led me to make a lot of personal changes which included what and when I ate and I lost 60lbs in the process. 

I have since completed my 200hr yoga teacher training and have found a calling in prenatal yoga as well as mindful-self-compassion and intuitive movement practices. 

For me, yoga is a lifestyle and my dream is to connect everyone to yoga and ultimately themselves. My classes invite you to move inward, explore and have fun! In my classes you will experience hands on alignment support and relaxing touch to deepen your practice. 

I can’t wait to see you on your mat!