Astrology Offerings

Life Purpose

Who you believe you are, how you relate to others, and how you engage with the world around you is directly aligned with your purpose. Illuminating this information can guide you, your goals and action so you can create a life that fills you with joy.  ~ $80

Abundance / Work / Career

An in depth look at the energies influencing your definition of success including the work you do, the career you have and the money you make.  ~ $80

This is either someone who has a block - communicating with others they work with, making a certain amount of money, not being acknowledged for the work they do, not knowing what kind of work or job to get that would make them happy. 


An in depth look at how you give and receive love in your life.  ~ $80

This is someone who can’t find a partner they truly resonate with, who can’t find a partner at all, or most often someone who is in some kind of codependent relationship again and again and would like to break the pattern.

The Year Ahead

An in-depth look at your personal transits for the year.  Tips, techniques and resources to flow with the energies at play in your life to bring you the most abundance.  ~ $120


An in depth look at the energies at play between two people, relationship dynamics & compatibility. Giving each other the opportunity to work together in a place of non-judgment, truth, respect & ultimately unconditional love. ~ $160

This is for any two people, romantic partners who just aren’t getting what the other person is putting down, co-workers or parent - child relationships.  It focuses on communication, what each person needs on a foundational level and how both parties can respect and honor those unique needs

Intuitive Reading

A personal energy reading using a combination of techniques.  It includes an energy scan, intuitive reading and tarot ~ $50

Registered Massage Therapy Offerings

30 Minute Massage          50

This can improve autonomic nervous systems, boost the immune system and significantly reduce stress and anxiety.

45  Minute Massage         70 

Therapists will have the time to work on one district area of the body , helping to release muscle tension and offer the same general wellness as all other massage.

60 Minute Massage         90

Offer the body deep relaxation, stress reduction and improved flexibility and range of motion.  Can improve posture and nourish the skin.

90 Minute Massage         120

Faster Muscle recovery and healing times the therapist will encourage blood flow and circulation to muscles.   The whole body will have the time and attention that it needs.  Relaxation and stress reduction will only deepen with time given.

Reflexology Offerings

60 Minute Reflexology Massage         45

More than a foot massage...Reflexology allows for a long list of wonderful benefits such as increased energy, boost In circulation, eliminated toxins from the body and stimulates the central nervous system.